Black Velvet Shih Tzu
Welcome to Black Velvet Shih Tzu!

Here we have a devoted passion to produce happy, healthy, and loyal companions.
We breed small standard size Shih-Tzu and on occasion we will have smaller tiny sized
Shih Tzu also known as the Chinese Imperial, tea-cup or pocket.

All of our Shih-Tzu are registered with American Kennel Club (AKC). We place all of our
puppies on strict spay/neuter contracts as pets (No Papers). We will not sell to breeders,
pet shops, brokers, or puppymills. We want the best for our puppies, and having your
new baby spayed/neutered ensures us that they will have a happy healthy life.

Our Guarantee

We offer a 1 year health guarantee plus lifetime support

If you are interested in a certain puppy in our nursery,  you can leave a non-refundable
holding fee by visiting our services page. By placing a hold you are agreeing to
purchase that specific puppy. If at any time you decide not to purchase said puppy, your
holding fee is forfeited.

Due to deadly viruses transmitted by active shoppers.

Puppies in the Nursery are NOT allowed visitors, No Exceptions!

We will hand deliver your new puppy to your home within 1 hour from us free of charge.

Upon arrival to your home your new puppy will be freshly groomed, come with vet
records, including vaccine certificate, will be Micro-chipped (AKC reunite), come with a
goodie bag full of supplies, and food sample of Fromm Gold Puppy.

We are located in Southern California
Black Velvet Shih Tzu
Rancho Cucamonga, CA                            

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